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Welcome to Quest.  Here we unlock potential.


Our schools are all about passion, determination and enthusiasm.  We see challenges as opportunities and have an unshakeable belief in the right of children to a high quality education.

Our schools are all unique. We celebrate this and invite you to visit to find which school is right for your unique child.

As an award winning digital innovator, we embrace Artificial Intelligence to support the core foundations of your child's learning, to add to our superbly skilled educators.  Our staff have developed an academic curriculum with specialist teams delivering music, sport and art. This is unique in Primary Education.

We value the breadth of all subject learning - as we are committed to delivering a whole Education - an education worth having to ensure children are well rounded for life learning and work.  Our nurturing support, coaching and inclusive provision at all of our schools means your child will thrive.

We blend a balance of traditional values, manners, courtesy and respect with innovation for the future of learning. As a result we are one of the first Century Tech flagship schools.  Our standards of behaviour are impeccable, as we work in partnership with you to ensure consistency and the highest of expectations for all.  Our Christian and British values reflect our shared core moral purpose and bind us together, whether community or faith school.

We insist on the standards you would expect yourself and as a result we have confident mature and articulate children who value each other.

Together we will ensure they thrive.

Together we are stronger.



Sharon Bruton

Chief Executive Officer 

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